I’m back with some crafts

Pineapple bowl sideSo, I started painting this bowl I had lying around. It was originally this wood that you see on the inside of the bowl.  The colours were kind of chosen accidentally, but so far I’m pleased with the combination.  I’m thinking of adding a mandala or some sort of design in the bowl itself.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s another view. Needs more designs!

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Day I’m not sure anymore: Portraits

Okay… It’s been a while. I’m sorry. Halloween happened and then… a week or so happened.  I want to work on some portraits next though.  Here’s a quick one I did tonight in an hour-ish.  I miss drawing people. I think I’m going to do someone recognizable next.   But who?!



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Day 5: Cat skull

I finally finished that cat skull paiinting. It came out looking pretty egyptian, but I like it.  Happy cat day!


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Day 4: Kitty Skulls

Time for an ill-crafted late night post! Hey, it comes with half a painting.. that’s pretty good for me.  Anyways I wanted to switch up the skull thing, so I drew this kitty cat skull wearing a native headdress. Haven’t decided how I want to finish the ornamental border.  Suggestions? I’ll be finishing it tomorrow.



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Day Two!

If you live in southern Ontario there’s a pretty decent chance your day is dampened by this gross weather… Snow sucks, and it’s friggen October, that’s just being mean Canada…  But anyways, I totally drew today you guys… I’m starting to miss the sunshine and wanted something to be yellow in today’s drawing.  So with this skull I wanted to do a greyscale… and a side view, aaaand to make it look nice and natural.  The drawings I’ve been working on are supposed  to feel like possible tattoo sketches, so I don’t really want them super natural looking.  Anyways, here’s today’s drawing.


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Day One: Skulls

This is Jess Farr, and this is jackass. No really it is.

This is a start of a blog.  It’s my blog.  So it’s going to be weird… and I’m going to make an honest effort to do something artsy every day and post it here. So, I plan to do a theme of some sort each week, conquer it and move on.  The reason for this being is I definitely lack direction in my art.  I just don’t know where to start sometimes.  Some of these drawings will be finished drawings that I’ve been working on for lengthy periods of time (maybe a week at the most) and others will be a just few hours of sketching.

Well, you ready? We’re starting with skulls!  Oooooh, the excitement.  This drawing took, maybe 2 hours… Just a quick sketch to start.  I used photos for reference and for materials I used pencil crayon and pen.  This is a freehand drawing with no preliminary sketching.  And if you didn’t get it, it’s a lizard crawling out of a skull. Ya dig?  Things I would improve, first being taking more time to colour it.  I would also add more to it… maybe leaves and other natural elements to compliment my lizard friend.   Okay, enough for today.  I’ll try to be back tomorrow with something new.



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